In The Hollow Testo

Testo In The Hollow

It's been a long time now
It's been a long time
It's been a long time since someone's been looking for me
I've been crouching in the hollow of this tree for so long
I think they may have gone home
It's been a long time now
It's been a long time
It's been a long time since I saw somebody look in my eyes
I've been looking in this mirror so long
No one has had the chance to know me
Know me
And everyone speaks now
Everyone speaks
Everybody speaks with the same words on their tongues
Spit them into murky waters, I am under no penetrating sun down here
No mother's warm and steady hold down here
I am alone
And in darkness
I count the times now
I count the times
I count the times since last I had somebody asking for me
I've been sitting on this bench quietly watching stubborn, giggling girls get chosen
I don't care
Why would I care anyway?
And then he spins her
There she spins
Her hair whips him in the eye
He doesn't mean to kick her shins
They continue out of time across the floor, I swear if I were chosen...
Let it go
Why would I care anyway?
I count the days now
I count the days
I count the days since someone said he had eyes only for me
Oh, his queen beside him whilst he was hiding
Thoughts of having me beheaded
No use in mother's cautious words, I was
Quite sure
Oh, I'm alone
And in darkness
So go on through your hazy fields of summer
She can flicker like a petal in the sun glow
I can lay down in these rushes as the wind blows
Shadows play upon my face
But you are gone from this place