Oceans Testo

Testo Oceans

Would you ever dive right in?
This freezing ocean water has become
where I belong, the summer spent with you
Would you ever think of me?
When you're out there baby when you're
All alone, by the phone, waiting for my call.

It starts as a letter
Tomorrow its my song
Ill keep you hanging on with every word
Ill always remember
How your looks would make me shake
We spent our days waiting for nights
'Cuz that's when all the lights go out

We've been waiting for this moment
Now its turning into everything we wanted

A photograph is all I have to show me how we
Spent our nights together, the beach & Jersey weather
These memories are bringing me back home
Hope, hope for a better day, gravity pulls away
These roads are filled with traffic
I'm chasing after you.

You signed always and forever
Sleepless nights must drive you crazy
So far away were still the same
I'm pushing, pushing for the colder days to end
To reach the summer feel the warmth against my skin
Ill always need your flame

Remember how we spent our nights alone
As the ocean waves would hit the shore
They made us cold, these summer nights were beautiful
The moonlight would reflect one thousand stars seen in your eyes
(would you ever dive right in?)
This moment took my breath away
Can't stop me from believing.

One photograph is all I have
It kills me just to leave you
It kills me just to say goodbye
Would you ever think of me?