The Biggest Fan Testo

Testo The Biggest Fan

never meant to stalk or haunt you or to follow But without you my life would suddenly go dull (dumb dumb doll) Got all your posters man, I hung 'em in my hallway So where ever you may be, you're always here with me I've got you underneath my skin I don't know where I should begin I'll always be your biggest fan but you don't know who I am One day you'll know me man One day you'll understand that I'll be your biggest fan Got seven setlists and I even got two t-shirts I'm looking prettier than yesterday One t-shirt's made by hand, the other one is paid for And man, I promise I won't download anything Chorus I have travelled 'cross the land Dying to see the band I'll make you understand I'm much more than a fan I've travelled 'cross the land And just to see the band And guess what. Here I am