Winter Blind Testo

Testo Winter Blind

There’s a blind
And there’s no time
All open wounds healing ashore.
The filthy air is still clear
Of fears and ambitions are scattered around on the floor.

They wash with the searching,
Faith shows to you through the curtain.
Teeth that it bend are teeth that it grows
But I know it.

Here we have it, I’m happy,
There’s in the blood, it feels better written that way.

But the truth is you’re rootless,
Bring vengeance to its knee
And it’s the same as it’s so easy.

Admit it when I say it,
I need you all to stay safe,
Bring down all the line, it’s moving all the time,
But I’ll be back here someday.

You gotta go, you wanna know,
Take me to the moon.
You gotta go far,
Take me to the moon,
Take me to the moon.
You gotta go, say you wanna know
You go, take me to the moon.
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.