Zombies Testo

Testo Zombies

Out on the lawn, you could see something was wrong
habit is such, that it lumbers along
the neighbors all talk, they’re shaking up the walk
enter the fear, never ever would have dreamed of being caught
finer today
is the sun on your unbitten leg

How can we get down, when everybody’s lying on the ground
bullets under beds, where are the pistols? They cannot be found
so oh oh so alone with them around

Out in the sun where the light shades us from harm
waiting for luck, for the river to dry up
darker you say, is the night that they’ll take us away
now we can get down
cause everybody’s living underground
buried in their beds where are the pistols planted in the mounds

So oh oh so alone now that they’re not around
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
we are oh so lonely now