Can't Stop Walking Testo

Testo Can't Stop Walking

Science toldus all about time´s streching while you run so moving is the only way to make you stay young That´s why I can´t stop walking So look at all who´s standing still like noumerous of trees only if you running babe you´ll get refreshing breeze That´s why I can´t stop walking I tell you what it´s ment to be So don´t hesitate, cause you might be too late Life´s just to short to bother me (3x) I can´t stop walking, stop talking I´m on the road night and day can´t stop singing can´t stop swinging sicking my blues away (3x) The Blues is a phenomenon know by everyone but have you ever seen somebody crying while he runs Girl if I shall be your man You don´t have to wait Come stay to me and tell me about before I´m gone away