Six Sixes Testo

Testo Six Sixes

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, aiyo, aiyo

[Chorus x2: Raekwon]
Aiyo, one of the illest, the sickest, like six sixes
Lookin' real rich, don't switch, just paint pictures
Lex, tell the story, get these niggaz in line for me
Plus the shorty's, light one from me
Sit back like kings, diamond rings on, 'knowledge the genes
Matter of fact, 'knowledge the team
Kid love valor suits, raw Coups, racing across
The bridges, we hit bitches, then swindle the group
Who's your favorite rapper? Lex Diamond, and his man Iron?
So many niggaz bitch, y'all dick, I ain't lyin'
Show niggaz how to dress too
Well, yo, we take it from here, now let me bless you
Ssee I got my life right now, got a new team, new label
New way of moving, new glass cable
And they still jello the kid, well did
On the corner, ice rockin' Carvel kids
Spit thirty six flavors, bitch
Burn out Vegas, fuckin' mine, y'all catch all razors
Fuck around and poison one of y'all, Cristal
New shit, havd your mother on the bottle wildin'
We came here to rep, step, movin' in motion
Angel lotion on, coastin' the set
Bitches yelling, "he look rich, he got fix"
Came up, bought a drink, thought he'd be all on my dick

[Chorus x2]