Imagination Lover Testo

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Testo Imagination Lover

Imagination lover
You're too good to be true
The world is to discover
When I imagine you
Around a table set for two
I'll try a monologue with you
I close my eyes and heat you sigh
And when I open up my eyes
To find you there is no surprise
I couldn't face looking into
The void
Love's imagination isn't blind
Drinking to remember to remind
This is what I've come to over you
Wide awake my fantasyis true
Darkness sets imagination free
I can hear you breathing next to me
In the morning you will disappear
But your pillow tells me you were here
Imagination lover
You're too good go be true
So is it any wonder
That I imagine you
Kaleidoscope inside my eyes
Upon the carpeting she lies
She never looks at other guys
My friend
Love's imagination isn't blind
Everywhere I look it's you I find
Every minute I imagine you
Tell the doctor fantasy is true
When I'm not pretending any more
Name address and number on my door
With another near me will I find
I prefer the imaginary kind