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Testo Schooldaze

[school principal]
Good morning, [Name] High School
This is your principal speaking
Thought for the day is:
'Think and study'
Ah - Raheem - try to make it to class in time

At age 5 in kindergarten I was fuckin em up
Knockin niggas to they ass who wanted to press they luck
Got suspended every semester, so to fuck with a class
Used to cut and play hookey and pay my teachers the pass
They couldn't stand me, I come, they go the opposite way
Used to work on gettin pussy while they work on the A
I get expelled, now the send me to a whole new school
'bout a month or two I'm quiet, then I'm cuttin a fool
I'm in 8th grade, growin and my game's correct
Got a bunch of bitches' number but I ain't fucked yet
And there's a rumor goin round about this bitch named Pam
Said she had once sucked dick and fucked a full-grown man
Had to have that, that's why I found the bitch home room
Left a note beside the dresser, I be in this here soon
She read the note like she was with it, I was proud of myself
Till she said (You couldn't handle it, my man's in the 12th)
But what is this, bitch, you tryin to say my dick ain't long?
I make your pussy whistle Dixie if you let me come on
Straight to the locker room, stroked and tried to break that back
Yo, I came in 'bout 25 seconds flat
But what the hell, I was a virgin and the pussy was great
Kissed the freak and strolled back and got to class kinda late
Told my teacher I was sorry, but she know that I ain't
My mother ain't the Virgin Mary, so I wasn't a saint
In my school days

[school principal]
Ms. Johnson tells me she caught four students in the bathroom smokin marihuana
Needless to say Raheem's name was mentioned amongst them
Raheem, report to my office now!

Shootin dice and drinkin liquor wasn't shit to me
We had three consequtive lunches and I took all three
Some nigga stressin that I owe him, I ain't payin you, bee
You better roll another point and shut the fuck up, gee
Ah shit, it's gettin started, there's a fight in the john
Another bully tryin to come against Raheem [Name]
Here comes security, guess who got suspended, my man
I told the principle he's dumb to think that I give a damn
He's a smoker, so I gave him one to cut down time
Promised two and that pursuaded him to change his mind
I got it goin now, everything I do is cool
I just won't be interrupt but I don't skip school
My 7th period's a bitch, my teacher loves to snitch
All my buddies shine bright because they're makin me rich
We come to school and have on jumpers, brand new jewelry and all
Everyday we wanna play, we write some shit on the wall
The auditorium, 'nother one of 'heem's hang outs
If you ever been to [Name], you know what it's 'bout
Smokin weed, meetin bitches, tryin to get in that ass
Before a teacher comes and tell you (Just report to class!)
But fuck that, that's what I tell him, I ain't goin to class
You ain't my mom, besides, bitch, I got a damn hall pass
Get off my dick, man, you crazy, you the one need a shrink
It just tickles me to death everytime I think
About school days

[school principal]
Now students
There comes a time in our lives
Where we have to think about our future
Education is an important factor in our future
That's why we must bring all our books home, do all our homework
And bring our teacher an apple every day
Now some people, there's just not too much hope for
Raheem - I'm sorry to say, but your future looks very grim, my friend

My graduation all I heard was, "How the fuck he done passed?"
Therefore I made a little speech for the senior class
Looked at them and said "What's up," they said, "What's up," I said "nothin"
My teacher starin at me stupid like I'm crazy or somethin
Heary, heary, I'm the V-i-g
The baddest juvenile delinquent, H.I.S.D.
School's out at 3:30, never stayed past 3
But still I graduated pretty, all A's, one B
In my school day