Sunlight Testo

Testo Sunlight

There is a storm in my heart that
tears my inside apart. It's not so
smart standing in a corner when it's
time for us to start up this engine
that took us this far, nor reaching for
the stars you know how we are, and
we will keep it that way, just make
the feeling stay and when we're
down we must say that this can
brighten up our day

This is the sunlight that brightens up
my day. Stepping up on stage when
everything feels dull and gray. And
we can't keep this inside, how we're
feeling this time. You're half of it so
we cannot quit, keep building it up
with brick after brick.

And when we go out on tour and
return home we be asking for more
of what they have in store. Like I
said we're bored when we can't see
you dance on the floor, under the
stage and scream for more.