Mahogany Testo

Testo Mahogany

Verse One:Me and Eric B was coolin' at the PaladiumSeen a all-world covered girl, I said "Hey lady I'mSorry if You're in a rush - Don't let me hold ya upOr interveen or interrupt, but. . .You got the look - I wanna get to know ya betterI had to let her know - but yo, I didn't sweat her'Cause if you woulda seen what I was seein'Almost looked Korean, but European.When she spoke, her accent was self-explanatory -Even her body language told the storyHer name was Mahogony - twin's name was EbonyI said "My name is Ra - and this is Eric B"Since the music was loud, I said "let's take a walk,So we could talk and see New York.Show time doesn't start until one o'clockAnd once I entered your mind I wouldn't wanna stopCaressin' ya thoughts till we was thinkin' the sameCalm ya nerves, massage ya brainEach mic is a mineral, poetry's proteinVerse is a vitamin - Affects like CodineSo tell me how you feel and I'll revealA pill that'll heal ya pain - 'cause I'm realShe musta OD'd 'cause she couldn't resistShe spoke slowly when she told me this, she saidChorus:Over Me, She's goin' crazyShe'll rub me on my chest and call me Mr. SexyShe said she'd have my kids and help me make my next GTell me I ain't finesse Mahogony . . .Verse Two:So I prescribed her, something to reviveAnd surprise her, she's liver and much more wiserThan the light I shine when my brain cells spark,Come to me so we can glow in the darkAnd soon, you can represent the moonAs long as I keep ya in tuneI'll tell ya who ya are and why ya hereTake it in stride 'cause it might take a yearIt's funny - how time flies when ya havin' funWe got close and it was almost oneShe kissed me slow, but you know how far a kiss can goF*ck around and miss the showSo I told her to hold that thought real tightWe can finish where we left off later on toniteBack to the scene of the crime on timeAs they introduced the 'Fiend of the Rhyme'She stood with a birds-eye view of meThinkin' of later on of what she would do to meThe back of the room I could see her eyes gloomPatient, but hopin' that the show was over soonAs the place was ripped in half, she made her way to the front rowSo I said "let's go"I packed my mic as they screamed for an encoreThe speakers were blown, plus my mic was soreBesides I got places to go, ladies to seeAnd she could tell me how crazy she was over meWe drove off - she said she liked the way that I performedAnd couldn't wait to get 'soft and warm', I said,"I've been watchin' you, watchin' meLooks I received made it hard to MCI can take a hint, so I knew that sheWanted my "Agony Agony Ag-on-y" in her bod-yShowed her some sights, then I took her to the CondoShe was pipin' hot, but I kept my calm SoShe asked how come I don't smileI said, "Everything's fine, but I'm in a New York state of mind!"As we reached the kingdom, she said bring someChampagne, she'll entertain then sing someSentimental, songs real gentle,It hit the spot and you know where it went toAs we embraced I felt her heart pumpin'I knew she was in the mood for somethin'So I laid on my back and relaxedIt wasn't the Perignon that made her collaspeOver meChorus