No Omega Testo

Testo No Omega

I'm the Alpha, with no OmegaBeginning without the, end so play theeye inside, no extended versionNext episode be smooth as a PersianRhyme everlastin, there'll be no part twoKnowledge is infinite, once I start to drawa better picture for your third eye, if you're blindYou know with a mic, I'm a black MichaelangeloI'm the brother who ideas are colorfulGivin em insight, but givin em trouble tocomprehend cause they thoughts won't blend inThey're pretendin, while I'm extendinYou bite like a parasite, ? you attacksBut you won't strike, cause you ain't no matchYou need more light cause yours got dimThen you get sparked by the Lord RakimWhat's the matter G, check your batteryGo get charged up, then come battle meYou try hard and Die Hard, you ain't EvereadyWhen they check the pulse, you'll be +Dead+ as +Freddie+Sharper spears for new ideasCheck your engine and ask your engineersto equalize, try to disguise itIf that don't work yo, then monosize itYou need more power, better bring BattlecatBut this ain't Grayskull, and you ain't rippin jackDon't drop the mic and jet for your tooley("Bring it to me!")We can go rhyme for rhyme til the mic stop the workinThen I'ma leave you behind the Iron Curtainand you'll remain backstageYour book is over, I ripped your last pageChanged the endin, at least you went out rappinNow I'ma tell em what happenedI filled the mic with explosives, and lit it upIt was too heavy to hold, he couldn't pick it upPass the mic, let him try to get paidHe hit the stage, it went off like a hand grenadeNow scrape him off the floor and off my listI ain't a soloist, I'm an arsonistSprayed up, he said he was gonna do what?Played up, MC Grand but Pooh-ButtStole his lady, and drove her crazyYou asked me why - cause her man tried to play meI sent her back a nervous wreckand tried to put her back in checkMy speciality is masterin the female speciesI specialize in her, until she seeswhere I come from, and why I cameI tame the train til she manifest my nameFill her with life until she burst with energyThen leave her restless, cause a lot of women betryin to drain us, and leave us stripped dryPut holes in our pocket, but you ain't that flyI clipped your wings and bring you down to Earthand tell you what life is worthIt ain't rings and things that's materialisticYou wanna pip on, imperialist withfood for thought, cause I'm the shelterI'll be your clothes, keep you warm and help yanot to be hot to trot by a hauntAnd why do y'all got to flaunt?("You gotta use what you gotto get what you want")Cool, I heat you up like a black mink coatHug your neck like a fat gold ropeWords I speak and my DJ's cuts will warm ya earslike mink earmuffsSo Eric show em how fast your hand'sll goso the people in the stands'll knowthat you don't scratch your cuts in the graveMoves in waves to my rhyme displaysFloat, evoke, my tempo jetsExpressions express when you kick stepsKeep em, energetic, so let itpound in your head til what I said is embeddedDon't forget it's copastetic, set itAnywhere you want your poetry's patheticYou gets.. no.. credit.. til you get it straightLet's motivateNo intermissions cause it ain't commercialIf you wanna break then I'll reimburse youI won't let go so my mic won't drop, cause("I can't.. stop!")Vocabs is endless, vocals existRhyme goes on, so no one can stop thisEspecially when I start to say therhymes with no omegaNo omegaNo omega("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!") *scratched*("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!") *scratched*("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!")("I can't.. stop!") *fades*