Rest Assured Testo

Testo Rest Assured

Double oh seven is back..Double oh seven is back..Double oh seven is back..[Rakim]I don't stress my day cause it's best to parlayI guess you could say I've been awayI wake up slow when I'm hot but I destruct the plantand fourteen hands comb New York for fansThey make waves as they wiggle in my waterbedPull back the leather covers and silk bedspreadA mornin massage turnin into a real rough rubdownso I figured I'll lay aroundThey keep me wet with a juice called TahitiIt make the room steamy, so soon they couldn't see meThey know more than calisthetics as they worked up a sweatIt wasn't even ten o'clock yetScrub down, then I get moist, they never treat me meanThey sweetly keep me squeaky cleanI chill as they filled the jacuzziI said, "I'm tight from a real long flight, could you soothe meSupport my thoughts, cause I got a lot of writing to do"They said, "Cool," and just enjoyed the viewIt ain't hard cause it's miles from the sidewalkI'm overlookin every borough in New YorkThe entire, Empire, State to concentratefor every rhyme I makeSo at exactly noon they played my favorite tuneAnd just before they all cleared the roomthey said, "We're glad you're home from tour, now we feel secureWe wish you didn't have to leave no more"But they wanna go to war, they even tried to shoot up hte doorDouble oh seven is back..Rest assuredDouble oh seven is back..Feel secureDouble oh seven is back..I'm fillin up the page when I'm steppin on stageGot the people in a rage with they hands in the airFellas sayin HOE, everybody yellin GOFly ladies in the house all screamin "awww yeah"That's how they react when I attack the micIn fact it's like a stack of dynamite, powerful and brightGirls love to squeeze me real tightDouble oh seven is back..Ra has returned, to romance em, better than Johnny HandsomeWhen I was young, women said, "Damn son"Ain't nuthin change but the year and I'm still hereC'mere dear and let me whisper in your earHug my words so I can taste your lipsI set up hips like domino chipsbut I don't let em hit the floorAnd if you got sore, then feel secureWhere's the pain, is it the spot you set us inAlmost magic, better than medicineTake one of these and put your mind at easeI get more work than a lot of M.D.'sIf I'm hawkin New York, or out on tourI express the raw dialect and exploreBut don't get fooled by metaphorDouble oh seven is backRest assuredFeel secureRest assuredRest assuredYo, feel secure