Untouchables Testo

Testo Untouchables

This is poetry in motionTry to catch on, stay close to the hostand MC's try to make the road rough but I'm coastinLadies hear the rhymes rub em on like lotionHit spots soothin, can't stop movinGo ahead bust a sweat and you can bet I'm still coolinWhen I detain it's a brainstormnever the same form, every brain I rained on is warmTakin a trip through Memory Lane to MelodySee if you could tell if these thoughts to fell MC'scould do you justice, but you can't touch thisSome kid just tried to bust this but he just missedI'm universal and much more mercifulSo versatile with the style it's reversableI get away even if I say a curse or twoFirst, let me bust another verse for youYour arms too short to box with Ra so quitYou don't want no kind of conflictOr you'll get stripped as the rhyme is rippedPick up the pieces now ain't that peace yeah I'm hipEverything I said flows since my introI plant a thought extend and then growHoldin my pen tightly it might beControversy at first when I write thechords of research don't just take it for grantedWhen I'm gone my mind remains a planetIf I keep buildin, and teach the childrenSo when they read in between the lines it's filled inI break to meditate, not a peep, concentratetill I'm deep awake, but not asleepAt the same time risin and advertisinwhat is true, keep advised and you can stay wiseand I'm untouchableComin over the bridge take a peak at the skylineCause that's how I shine not only when I rhymeMy culture's makin me stronger, mentallyPhysically I'm powerful poetry now that could belabelled as art placed in a museumStyle'll make scenery, now you see 'emExhibit a knowledge that's packed and filled withnothin illiterate it's facts I build withMy mind's untouchable which means intangibleContents never dense it's understandableI study life so I can live it the right wayNo time to hear what another brother might sayWhy sell a capsule of crack I don't have toI rhyme and sign million dollar contracts toput message on records that's graced with hard bassSmugglin microphones, this ain't ScarfaceWhoever talked that talk, I wanna hawkAnd don't try to Escape From New YorkCross a 110th Street lookin for a problemIt's Hell Up In Harlem, watch Ra solve emI hear the music clear as I get nearthe hundred and twenty fifth street Apollo TheaterTake a step back when I rap I step up to you...I'm untouchablePut on my thinking cap pump the trackTest your reflex relax but in contactyou fold and lose control so hold your partner closeryou're supposed to keep your composureBut you hear the drum said go then it gets so hypeit's like nitro opponents get petroRemember the trademark left by the Rthat's never soft or smooth it's comin off the hardestin effect, you could die-tect the imposterTakin my props, Rakim is still properI'm a prophet, you can't stop it, when I drop itEverything I say, coincide with the topicThoughts bounce around till my skull is fracturedInside my brain it's all manufacturedAs we go deeper it's hard to findDon't even think about it, cause you can't read my mindIt's clear so therefore you need a ear or inclinedin the mind with some kind of idea forthe style I'm advertisin what is trueKeep advised that you stay wise and the mindis untouchable