Humanology (Refused) Testo

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Testo Humanology (Refused)

[Originally by Randy]

I'd like to take a stand
Against their morality and destroy this fucking system that we have,
To call nationalism and capitalism a socialized freedom
Rhymes so bad for me.
Wake up and and resist
Get a hint of what you missed
Concerning the environmental care
How many of you fucking assholes would even notice the eradication
Of a animal like an bear?
There's been so many crimes against animals and human rights,
So we owe it to ourselves
To make sure that the health of every single creature on this planet isn't a stake.
I like to point out on all your compunctions
And call out on all concerted needs,
A big conspiracy revolution and riot to get this fucked up system deceased.
I like to dedicate this fucking song to nature and confront all stupidity.
I just can't walk around and pretend anymore,
I can't suppress these things I feel .
Every time I see the news,
It's not often but the few times that I do,
It all become so clear to me.
All humans are a big disease who never get pleased.
Lets take one last picture and say cheese!!