The Hurt Testo

Testo The Hurt

You use the loveTo quench my desire.You play with me,You play with fire,I?d give my heart to take you higher.This is my only one desire.We can?t get along.And you won?t come home.There?s a day I caughtYou in his arms,Seducing him with all your charms.You know you really hurt me so.I need you and I won?t let go.Can?t get away, babe.Can?t get along, mama.Can?t get away, babe.Oh, you hurt me so.Oh, babe, you got meCrying in my sleep.I close my eyes,it?s you I see.You?re not with someone else, I know.My heart says not to let you go.Oh, babe, my heart is stronger than my soul.You hurt my head down to me toes.I won?t let go; you make me wild.You leave me, girl,You know I?ll die.Can?t get away, babeCan?t you let you go, darlin?I can?t get away babyOh, you hurt me so.Can?t get awayCan?t let you goCan?t get away babyOh, you hurt me so.