Pinzipo Testo

Traduzione di Pinzipo bandiera italia

Testo Pinzipo

Got myself a pinzipo
Now I've got a pinzipo
Strolling down the way back home
I ain't got no place to go
If you're ever asking me the pinzipo
I would give you one for sure
Things are going right

Everybody on this road (on this road)
Seems to know
Everybody in this world (in this world)
It feels like they love it
Open up your ears then folks
If you wanna know (know, know, know)
'Cause when you hear the pinzipo (pinzipo)
Everything's all right

Everytime you feel a bit low (feel a bit low)
And you don't know where to go (where to go)
When the one you love has gone (love has gone)
And the day feels so slow (feels so slow)
I will tell you secretly that pinzipo
Is more than you should ever know
For things to go right

Have you ever felt this love (felt this love)
In a windy storm (windy storm )
Everybody sings this song (sings this song)
And you might know it
In this world (in this world)
I would love you In this life (in this life)
With this simple Pinzipo (Pinzipo)