Sleeping Giant Freestyle Testo

Testo Sleeping Giant Freestyle

Yeah nigga,
it's Gerald G whut it dew radio nigga,
You bitchs need to put tha mic down mayne
Tha title is already known (what'd that nigga say?)
Christina Aguilara
No pen, no pad nigga
Bitch ho nigga I don't hear ya
Talkin down on weed nigga and I don't feel ya,
Nigga like sportin my blood I spare,
Hit ya wit that thing everytime a nigga roll,
Hot block wheels so I'm always on patrol, Bitchs scream damn and they nigga Gerald cold, I look um in the eyes and say I already know

They see me when I act a fool every fuckin show,
Turn tha lights off and a nigga still glow,
Atown east 10 one out on tha four,
East 10 baby Rapid Ric whut it go?

Nigga whut it dew?
Nigga whut it is?
This is how I live only hustle for my kids
Nigga mind yo biz fo yo ear get cut off,
Lights down, shut down nigga shut off
Atown baby where our ride cut off,
Ya wheel get fuckin wit a bit knocked off,
Faster than a master, told ya that mashed ya, told ya that I blast ya, oh yeahh, and then I trash ya

Go on in ya jail, cause ya know a nigga work,
24/7 yeah a nigga do dirt,
See a bad yellow bitch watch her raise up her skirt,
Say Gerald G you a mother fuckin jerk,
I don't really give a fuck cause I ain't, would be hurt
My niggas on tha cut 24's doin dirt
Know my nigga Mark Bail, you know we on tha shell, screamin oh well,
Bitch Nigga I'm Gerald hail.

I got tha clientel so my niggas on tha street, If I got tha A-1 then them fiends they gon' geek, they gon' beat tha fuck up out my door every single week, Imma have to go and whoop they fuckin ass in tha street, You know me Gerald G, Bitch I'm goin by tha pound
Ho I represent tha hood so a nigga stay down, Even if tha hood ain't wit me ho ya know I'm fixin ta clown, I'm east side made ho, This is Atown

A nigga play a bound ho I be one deep, in yo city wit my hands on tha motha fuckin creep,
You know how it is nigga, when a nigga stay asleep,
Ho I'm up all night man I sweat it nigga I geek,
but a nigga ain't on nothin ho,
This is in my blood, all around hood nigga rub her to the dub,
I'm choppin, I'm gettin, I'm cuttin, I'm showin these bitch niggas I don't give a fuck,
I'm Eastside player made,
Whut it dew? Nigga what?

Imma mother fuckin PIMP