Dash's Interlude Testo

Testo Dash's Interlude

(feat. O-Dash)

Hear that shit?
Ready to let you know
It's your boy O-Dash man
You know what I'm saying?
Y'all motherfuckers better stop sleeping out here (Naw, don't do that)
You better wake the fuck up for real
Open your eyelids

[Verse 1:]
It's the League's Tracy McGrady
Faggots gonna hate me (huh)
Putting up MVP numbers
Spitting 12 months this summer
And watch cowards immitate how I demonstrate how words supposed to penitrate
Punks mad at O 'cause they can't get a date
Nigga wait
Give me a second to get it straight
Haters see me in pub, want my shit
See my rasta bitch-es and want my dick
That's a homo
That's why I don't deal with them no more
Bunch of Doctor Evils trying to steal a nigga mojo
Wanna say he got dough(uh huh)
Say he got flow
By the fifteenth I'm like 'Yo, where your dough go?'
A si, A si
In other words, you're so-so
Hate O for moving blocks of cocoa for dough, no?
Fast breaking a drop, fuck a T-O
Coach told me to shoot whenever in doubt
D's League got the components to be disected
Game over turn your style so ecleptic
Coming through beneath radars, undetected
20 bars of perfection to pay respected, nigga!