Are You In Love? (intro) Testo

Testo Are You In Love? (intro)

Are you in love?
Do you feel it in your stomach?
Does it twist, and turn, and scream, and burn
And start to make you cry, but you like it?

Don't want to let it slip away
Does it stretch up to your throat
Until you don’t know what to say?
Does it hold you under its pillow in the night?
It kills you with its passion
And its endless beam of light

When you see yourself
In the future, frail and gray
Who do you want beside you
When you wake to start your day?
Yeah, it's extreme
I know what you're going to say
I’m being too dramatic
But this feeling feels this way

Are you in love?
Do you feel it in your spine?
Shaking, waking, tearing, breaking
Taking its sweet time
But you want it, yeah
You need it just to breathe
You're never sure of what trick
It's pulling from its sleeve
If you said yes
To all the things above
Then yes, my friend, I'm sorry
It appears you are in love