Faithless Testo

Testo Faithless

And so we rot... kings in this world, slaves in the next, we pledge allegiance to a dollar sign, blind to the effects of lust, of greed. The lives we lead controlled by the end of a shotgun, aimed at the heart of humanity. I'm lost in the midst of insanity and I have come to realize this world has made me who I am. Corrupt, faithless, my sins are unforgivable. I'm so desperate to find escape that I'd dig a grave, and bury the corpse of morality. Hide the sins of humanity. O Blessed father on high, take me away to better days, O Holy Mother, I cried... but no one hears the sounds of this world. Silence. The powers that be. Cowards. Running faster towards the end of our time, bearing down on the fall of all humankind