Chance Testo

Testo Chance

ChanceChance, chance, chance, chanceFriday bank card yours got stuckI loaned you a phone quarter, said "Good luck"Where are you now?Me and glasses aSturday slumpYou and your shopping, I looked upOur eyes met, mine are greenYou'd had a peroxide thingCall now, look me upSunday walk, Weaver's Park,I was on the lakesideWhere the playgrounds meetIn bare feetYou said, "Mighty cold today"You never see what I thinkYou didn't like your daytime jobI was born to travelYou were a camera, I dropped my keysI'm on the northbound, you were asleepI said, "Are you holding?""You wanna ride the silent sky?"I wrote a story on the flyYou in the tabletopI said, "I've had enough of the city."I held a bag of applesYou at the last tableI have had a sorry day (?)Cafe' streetside, Tuesday bloomYou wanna be on fire, I said I'm in the moon (?)Wednesday grocery, corner of Vine,You were in the checkout lineI dropped my frozen dinners, you helped pick them upThursday cab rush, our block,You with broken accent, my heart stoppedYou laughed, I worryChance, chance, chance, chanceSwarming like a dozen crushing blowsAll those glances, midtime dancesChanceI never looked it upYou hit the sidewalk talkingSaid, "I'd read the ads"Do you?Where are you? Will you read this? Can I see?This is surely moving faster than I can thinkA minute shy, a passing eyeI know I saw you thereWill you read this? Can I see? What did I see?Chance, chance, chance, chanceSwimming like a dozen crushing blowsAll those midtime dancesChanceGuys, this is very tedious... stop!