I've Been High Testo

Testo I've Been High


Have you seen?
Have not, will travel
Have I missed the big reveal?

Do my eyes
Do my eyes seem empty?
I've forgotten how this feels

I've been high
I've climbed so high
But life sometimes
It washes over me

Have you been?
Have done, will travel
I fell down on me knees

Was I wrong?
I don't know, don't answer
I just needed to believe

(repeat chorus)

So I dive into a pool so cool and deep that if I sink, I sink
And when I swim I fly so high

What I want
What I really want is
Just to live my life on high

And I know
I know you want the same
I can see it in your eyes

(repeat chorus)

Washes over me
Washes over me
Close my eyes, so I can see
Make my make believe, believe
In me