Suspicion Testo

Testo Suspicion


Now my suspicion's on the rise
I have known, I have known your kind
Please don't talk, don't make me think
Order up another drink
Let me let imagination drive
(chorus 1)
Can't you see
I need
Nothing too deep

(chorus 2)
Come alive
Tonight, I'll dream tonight

Listen to the devils in my ear
Tell me what, what I want to hear
You're so funny, you're so fine
You're so perfect, you're so mine
That I never had an opportunity
To hide
No, I never had a chance

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2)

Look into my eyes
They hipnotize
The lights, the drinks
Let the music carry you away

My eyes are blurred
My sights are limited
Am I sensing a familiar twinge?

Please, don't speak
Make me think
It's all too deep

Come alive
Step down, I'll dream tonight

Step down, I'll dream
You're so naked, baby
Carry me away
Dream, dream
Carry me away
Dream, dream
Dream, dream
Dream, dream
Dream, dream