Burn It Down Testo

Testo Burn It Down

They've found me out!
I have to leave, there's no time left to say goodbye.
Don't worry dear, I'll be back soon, no need to cry.
They've found me out!”
And when I drove away and saw her in that dress,
I thought my heart would break as it pounded in my chest.
I headed for the hills and there I ditched the truck,
And searched the ridge hoping that I would be in luck.

I hope I make it out alive,
'Cause tonight might end my life.
I hope I make it out alive.
I burned the house to watch the flames.

And there I sat against the wall, twelve gauge in hand.
I had a scheme, I had a plot, I had a dream, I had a plan.
Then the lamp shattered, sending pieces to the floor.
I laid right still in wait, and there he entered through the door.
I heard the dogs and men, but still he had not spotted me.
How will I make it out?” I sat and pondered, silently.
I questioned, reasoned, doubted answers in my mind.
And who would die that night in the Appalachian pines?

He saw me crouching there and shot.
I felt the heat and saw the bullet streak, white-hot.
But then I heard another shot!
But then I heard another shot!

I burned this house; I burned it down.
I burned this house to watch the flames,
And I would do it all again,
I burned this house to watch the flames,
Just to watch the flames!