No Bet Chill Testo

Testo No Bet Chill

[Man talkin]

[Intro: Remy Ma]
Fuck outta here nigga no bet chill*

[Verse 1:]
See the girls back home like mubary now they call me hogginosh cause I got ice, I got cream, n ma car cherry remy ma ready n not to contradict ma name see I don't really like to play the bar heavy, I'm a pot head I'm sleepin if ma eyes not red I ain't got an enemy that's not dead o u a hot head I leave ya head hot u know I got lead when u see that red dot n plus I'm dead nice these bitches dead not ma chain flinstone bracelet bedrock n when I'm not in miami it's hot lyk maimi I got swim pink glocks I callem cotten n candy n I got cousins that get it popin named tiqila and brandy I spent like 10 thousand just shoppin for panties know these bitches can't stand me ketch me hoppin up outta tha caddy shorty gasp cause I'm frontin n I'm callin him daddy

If he ain't lukn good then I'm like no bet chill if he don't keep it hood then I'm lyk no bet chill if he ain't actin right or he ain't packin lyk 9inches then I'm lyk yea right no bet chill if he ain't gettin doe then I'm like no bet chill he don't want me to smoke I'm lyk no bet chill he tryda scoop his shit like I'm a groupie bitch then I'm lyk yea right no bet chill

[Verse 2:]
Homie I ain't impresses bc u dropped 450 on a new jersey I just dropped 450 on a crib n new jersey but I'm from the south bronx mutha fucka u heard me n I can tell u a bird cause u get up to early, u actin, ask em who's really dat bitch I know a fever when I see it u ain't really dat sick, I spits full blown u a mild cold, I'm 21 yrs yung, ya'll bitches is wild' old can tell u been drinkin fourtys look lyk u pushin 40 got lyk 4 kids still tryna be sumbody shorty STOP u really need to lay off the cock ya'll bitches bacardi breezers n I'm remy on the rocks watch n I ain't talkin bout a chain or a watch I'm talkin sum joey crack shit I'm bout to get a mautch n u know the summer comin I could use anotha drop yup the ghetto barbie but I got a lil pop *pop*


[Verse 3:]
U see I know how ta rhyme but I'm nice on the mic n I know how ta ride cause I'm nice on the n not for nothin I'm the type to wife see I can cook n I can clean but I like to fight I had this shorty like to bite I called him ion mike changed it to jack frost cause he started buyin ice if I'm lyin I'm flyin neva ketch me cryin u think I was down with the clipse the way that I be grindin see alotta chicks is sick but I'm the sickest one got 99 problems but a dick ain't one I got 99 guns n I still ain't done untill this day I wish that I could bring back pun *wish I could bring pun back! * I now u can't take it kid see I wear the pants in this relationship but u gotta luv me cause I'm so real n bitches try ta hate I'm lyk no bet chill

Remy-what do u mean do I love u?... of course I love u haha I love all of ya'll hah YEAH LIVESON... remy-I got ma chill less be 4 real