What's Going On? Testo

Testo What's Going On?

(Written by Rob Pettigrew)

When your walking down the street the world is at your feet
And the people that you meet at the poor man on the street and you think

Oooh what's goin on in this world today?
Peoples' minds have left, gone astray
All this death and destruction wont go away
So what's goin on in this world today?

So you carry on down this lonely road
The road you know so well
But the people down there just sit and stare
And the passers by don't care


There are wars, there's are conflicts all across the world
The things that cause commotion
Blood shed all day, blood shed all night
And you ask, why do we fight?


Is there any point to this?
It's gotta come to an end
So if you feel this way then stand and say
The world is not better off this way