Machine Testo

Testo Machine

Machine 1. This new machine has been born. Only wondering why is everything spinning around. And what is this mess of colors, creating these weird combinations of different shapes. It is time to create feelings to surround me and to give me a reason to exist. But the cold feelings I created are way too powerful and won?t leave me alone 2. Now everything is so much clearer. I?m almost able to control these feelings too. But something here is not right. Machines don?t have feelings. So I can?t be a machine Chorus: I?m sure that I have been here before. I just have to see a little bit more of this place where I?ve been whole eternity. Wondering what is reality? 3. What is this weird softness? I feel like I?m floating in the air. My eyes are still full of this mess, now creating only these cartooned shapes. I have to find connection between these two universes that what I feel. I don?t know what I am or I should be. But I know? I?m not a machine