Meditation Testo

Testo Meditation

[Lidu Rock]
Meditatin, smokin the big spliff
Drivin across the Verrazano, on my way to BK
Movin like Paul Costallano, got one soldier wit me
Nah, son, he hold the fifty, Desert Eagle for people actin shifty
My real Rep niggas, and I love 'em to death
Bustin our guns way before we made Watch Your Step
And now it's on, for real, dedicated, not on some funny shit
Like niggas that's wit you on the strength, over some money shit
Them dick ridin niggas, you know who the be
Who wanna smoke all the trees, thinkin the shit for free
My special tactics, what what, who make more niggas do backflips
Then Mary Lou, when my fuckin mack spits

First things first, all ya bitch niggas disperse
Ever since birth, I was trained to spit verse like a nine milli
Don't send ya scrubs to come and drill me, yo that sound silly
Aiyo Grim, what's the dilly?
I feel these niggas wanna test my composure
Two true soldiers, and it ain't over til it's over
You feel this, come and let these cats know what the deal is
As I walk through the valley, I pray I won't have to kill shit
Let me spill this, realness from the villest
The most illest, I do this for the Gods I build wit
My sons I chill wit, fam I stack the dollar bills wit
Duke, I swear this year, we seein the real brick

[Lidu Rock]
Ya niggas know this shit, right here, y'all
Ya niggas know this shit, right here
Muthafuckas better recognize this
Lidu Rock and Supreme enterprisin shit
Yo, represent New York, this is what we do
For the Bloods and the Crips and the Muslims too
And all my peoples in the vil, I'm other gassin that
And all my heads in the sty, down the block from the lap
We hold it down son, this is what we do
I used to rock uptown on 43rd and Drew
Hamilton, PJ's, down the block from Willie Burger
And down Sax, on 8th and 45th, man was murder
And QU2, wit one tenth and got brood
And one forty second in Rockaway, heads too
We remember you, and got love for y'all
Unity wit you and me, so that we all can brawl

Aiyo, son, good lookin, big up my crooks in Brooklyn
Them grimy ass niggas that'll have your block shookin
Why you lookin? If you'se a problem, I'm a problem solver
Bust off my gun, shine like the son, come like the father
So don't bother, I keep my gun tucked in my parka
Why you wanna start pa? Come on, you know how all my sharks are
I rip apart y'all, fish niggas we fire guard
I retire squads, when I fire hard wit my dialogue

Ya know this, everybody know this
Ya know this, I said ya know this, everybody know this
Ya know it
To all my people over here, all my peoples over there
All my peoples over there, hold it down this year
All my people over here, all my peoples over there
All my peoples that's Reps, hold it down this year