The Shadow Of Mankind Testo

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Testo The Shadow Of Mankind

I've seen the alliance of men with demons
for subjugation of the world
wickedness selfishness arrogance
are the weapons for the battle
immorality prevails the conscience
the guiltless are victims of the blade of science
rooted convictions are the bible of the deceived
blinded by false promises of salvation
tormented and raped
millions of angels fall burned by this artificial heaven
they destroy in the name of progress
another carnage heretic desecrations of the paradise doors
extinction is the price of this progress
no more solutions under this sky
behind your weakness you can find yourself
life worthless death
reflected in their eyes i can see the creation of the end
desperation and humiliation for the product of mankind
genocide!!to regain what we have lost is our aim
through education and insurrection