Asleep / Game Over Testo

Testo Asleep / Game Over

Ayy, good night Wes

Fallin' back asleep (Fallin' back asleep)
To see you in my dreams (See you in my dreams)
I told you go away (Away)
I don’t mean what I say (Say)
I saw you make an effort but I couldn’t seem to change
Not strong enough to stay (Stay)
I made you go away (Away)
You couldn’t feel emotion without being so afraid and I’m sorry

And I’m sorry
Girl, I’m so sorry
And I’m sorry
I’m so sorry
And I’m sorry
Girl, I’m so sorry
And I’m sorry
I’m so sorry

Girl, I'm so sorry
Girl, I'm sorry
Girl, I'm sorry
Girl, I'm sorry
Girl, I'm sorry
Girl, girl, girl

It’s hard to let you
But I know that you can’t stay
And I’m sorry I can’t give you love you’re needing everyday
What we had in the past put us on a different page
I can see that you are growing, yet I’m stuck up in this cage, man
You shouldn’t wait for me
Just let go of the pressure
Told me you got love for me but you should love for someone better
And it’s hurting
Talked about a future and a family
What I learned is еvery love story is a tragedy
Rеmember when we met? Huh
You were just a fan
And you turned into a person who would mostly understand
And I hate this ain’t forever
But I know that you’ll be missed
I guess Romeo and Juliet love stories don’t exist
But don’t cry
What we had taught me lessons for my life
Taught me what was good
What was wrong
What was bad
What was right
Girl you gave me something that I never ever felt
But I know you’ll put that something into someone one else
I knew this would be ugly but I tried my best to step in it (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Girl, we’re young
Got much to see and now that I’ve accepted it
I know I’m acting wrong (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
I saw our love was gone and deviated
Saw the effort that you had
Told you “I appreciate it” (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Wish you had that effort when our love was pure and new
Hate to tell you that you’re late but now we’re sad and blue
All my feelings coming down (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
I know for sure we’re through
I went through hell and back again to find you and forget you
I guess I gotta wave my hand now (Hand now)
I guess I gotta let you go and put this book down (Book down)
I don’t hate you and I wish the future for you is the best
But it’s time to close the story
Put our chapter to an end
How do you feel about that?
Bad timing
When will you guys love each other again?
In another life