Myself Testo

Testo Myself

In my lifetime i saw in many faces and iheard many phrases, which wanted to tell me somthing about my life but i always knew best what is the best for me and this was to be myself, myself, myself Chorus:(2x) Myself, I wanted to be myself I didn't want to play a role I want to be myself forever until I'll die, I wanted to be myself When I heard I must be on time or I must be tidy and clean then I always wanted to say loudly that I wanted to be myself I wanted to go my way and I wanted to life my life and I don't want to know something about me which isn't the truth Ok?Ok?Ok? Chorus:(2x) Whem I come home late and I was drunk, so I can't stand then my mother always say that I never should come home late but then I alyways think myself my life is my life and myself will be myself forever you can't do anything, because I'm on my own way which belongs to me in a certain way Ok?Ok?Ok? (Guitar Play) Chorus: (8x) (Guitar Play) Myself!