Her Final Expenses Testo

Testo Her Final Expenses

I see at night, she sees my ugly side,
With skin so thick, keeps us proportionate.
I take lies like change, and bankruptcy is me,
No, diamonds aren't so cheap, but she was sparkling.

Brick walls surround him but he is insecure,
Might as well drown him, my mind remains impure.
Find me heaven. So sing the songs that all your friends sing in town,
I'll stray the path and burn this fucking bridge down.
So find me something strong to walk on,
I know that friends and family come first.
How could you hurt yourself and bleed in my name?
It's not correct until you see it my way.

And now the thunder strikes a book of matches,
And now the sky turns neighborhoods to ashes.

I hope at least when I die, you'll feel it inside you,
Just like every other time we shared a smile, or a feeling so warm.

The bats are sleeping as the sun controls them,
A ghost has chosen your bed to sleep in.

Blow yourself away. Yourself away.

It's a step, yea it's a smile, to let me know that I'm worth while,
And it's time your vital signs align with mine.
This is my life and this is how I live it everyday.
And you were my friend; you always end up getting in the way.
There is a poison in this air I breathe;
I can't remember the things I'm supposed to regret.
I don't think I can stop it, I won't forget.
You've got your fingers around my neck.

No matter how hard I try, I can't let you go.