Distractions Testo

Testo Distractions

[Verse 1: Cale Sampson]
What's happening, turn my television on
And get bombarded by a bunch of garbage all day long
Something seems to be wrong, am I supposed to care
About some blonde bachelorette or Joe Schmo millionaire
Or better yet, who Paula Abdul will choose
As the next American flop star to fill her shoes
This reality show phenomenon is sickening
All these bratty ego-maniacs exhibitioning
And wanna-be rock stars on a blind date
Trying hard to get discovered with their shallow mind state
Go ahead, buy the tapes, college girls ain't amateur
When their on Spring Break going wild for the camera
Greedy grown ups trying to hit the lottery
While their two year olds are playing Grand Theft Auto Three
And your daughters look older, they've got plenty tricks
Now it's hard to tell if their sixteen or twenty-six

Everywhere you go (GO), anywhere you look (LOOK)
It's all a big show, so many people getting hooked
Yo with all the Distractions, gotta take action
And try to be aware because (This is going on
Going on around you
Just take a look and you'll see too
Yes you will see through
I know you see this too)

[Verse 2]
The little Olsen twins are worth Seventy Mill'
Wonder if they have some room in their house for me to fill
We all need a lesson from Anna Nicole Smith
The master of them all, to get your gold diggin' tips
It's funny, what some people do to get famous
Saw a dude on Fear Factor chewing a pig's anus
It never ends, if you think it will bet again
Were getting more messed up then Farrah Fawcett on Letterman
Give us medicine, you know we need help
When Pee-Wee starts indecently exposing himself
While Michael Jackson's holding his baby like a football
Out over a balcony railing, yeah that's a good call
(Crikey), only today could this happen
Porn charges actually help your record go platinum
And Winona's lucky, she don't live in Afghanistan
If they caught her shoplifting there, she'd lose both her hands


[Verse 3]
Ever since Eminem did that 8 mile film
Everyone thinks rapping is an option for them
So any kid now who can put a sentence together
Calls himself an MC, cause he connected some letters
The U.S., got everyone except for Bin Laden
Bombing the Taliban while attempting to catch him
That's why you always see his face on the news son
Look we've got a hundred and fifty channels to choose from
And whenever you check your hotmail inbox
you got junk messages how to enlarge your
Oh if you know my album's in stores, here's some information
Please don't download it, unless it's for inspiration
What's the situation, The world's at war
Who cares what y'all wear at the Oscar awards
If you agree lets all make some more noise
Sing it with me once more, at the top of your voice