Demon Come Out Me Testo

Testo Demon Come Out Me

(Louie Bandz made another one)
(Dubba-AA flexing)

Red BB belt 'cause I'm a bloody stepper
So many artists leave a stain on whoever
I'm starting to think I should just go
We ain't been getting no better
Tell me a lie, I blow the brains out the reverend
'Cause the demon always come out me all of a sudden
Inside the bank, it's a been a murder scene
'Cause when I walked out, [?] blood on that money
I'm talking somеthing beyond the sky what I'm gon' aim for
Pull up on the sidе, let that thing blow
Tryna heal my pain with that drank, but it's gon' take my soul
[?] swerving in the range like he can't go
Hundred mil' coming, all this fame old
Soon as you changed on me, you turn to ash like charcoal
Lose feelings through the night, I'm starting to think my heart broke
Know they give me love, see they switching up
That thing getting old
Caught 'em breaking in, I'ma kick doors, we live a big code
Kickstand, sliding in, oh, and my wrist froze
She run down, I left her, I don't know where she go
Sanitary lifestyle, I'm making sure that casket closed
That 40 on me right now, I step on the bitch on my own
Clear the scene, [?] overload
Could barely breathe, get off lean, too much lean, time to go...