Mama - Who Da Man? Testo

Testo Mama - Who Da Man?

Say my name baby We love you RB Check you everyday on MTV Who da man, Who da man baby When I was young I was a class clown with glasses Y?know the type That you could burn mad ass with Got no romance I was a joke to look at So I had to be the funny man Like who da man But on my 1st day I watched my car break down had to be the missing pounds for petrol I was petrol, we both had to push the car up the hill To Kentucky fried chill All the people on the bus died laughing Ain?t that Richard Blackwood, boy you weren?t mackin? One day I?ma make you eat your words In the back of my mind I heard CHORUS Mama used to say take your time young man Mama used to say don?t you rush to get old Mama used to say take it in your stride and live your life On the comedy circuit they were telling me to do what the Americans do According to who... Is that a real Soul II Soul stay true And my uncle used to say stay you the brave crew Now I?m getting pounds and hugs from the people I check for From Birmingham to Brixton and more. Did ?enough shows, with no dough, no podiums and only 2 people in the coliseum Can?t go from 1st to 5th gear Looking in my rear cause I?m bound to hear One day when I had you back where?s my drink at There you go tap water - Thames finest Its only natural from a minus, who went to a plus UK Black bound to bus- only cause I knew who to trust CHORUS Say my name baby, We love you RB Check you everyday on MTV, who da man baby You da man big boo, no matter what you do we got love for you Say my name girlfriend - Ohh We love you RB Check you everyday on MTV Look son if you wanna front on me I?ma single you out everyday on MTV And if you want more Channel 4 know the score Rollin with the Richard Blackwood show - Where to go ! Sky?s the limit, and my light you can?t dim it On the silver screen I?ma get up in it in a minute It ain?t about a beamer or the Benz I wanna raise the flag like Loose ends - What !!!! CHORUS What y?saying - heh Say my name, say my name