Walls Testo

Testo Walls

Sometimes life is a question, you don't want to ask
Sorting through the lonely broken pieces of your past
When you can't find a reason, the will or the way
Every second here another breath you know you have to take
The answer's there hiding in the lies
It's gonna be alright


When the walls fall down
And you find the truth
Shadows run for cover
Light comes shinning through
Every Chance you take
Could be your saving grace
There's a calm inside your soul that's only found
When the walls fall down

Don't know where you're going but you see the other side
You're hearts feeling something that you almost recognize
Yesterday's gone, tomorrow's in the wind
Here and now you know it's where you're second chance begins
You don't ask why, there's hope in your eyes
You're ready to try


Tears on your face say what you can't say
What you believe can set you free

Chorus- twice

when the walls fall down....