Ashamed Testo

Testo Ashamed

[Verse 1]
Got on my darkest shades, this man is made
Inherit no riches, Jehovah's my witness
Physical fitness, home economics
In the kitchen digital scales producing the product
Cut the noose off my neck, black runaway slave
In the coupe with the tec, it's the home of the brave
They wanna know names, they toting on thangs
Never wanted the fame, just wanted the range
I needed some change, mama needed a raise
She stayed in a rage, hated minimum wage
I'm feeling the same, all these criminals paid
Wearing Bally's and gold, I'm selling dope shameless to say
And maybe one day I could put this pain away
Until then I'mma be a d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'mma be a d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

[Hook x2]
(Honey, it's shameless
Shameless, what you've done)
Until then I'mma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say
Until then I'mma be the d-boy, I'm ashamed to say

[Verse 2]
Before I was a fetus, had the genes of a leader
I mean look at my features, educated my teachers
I was calling them plays, you were still in the bleaches
Booby gave me the game, change to give me some sneakers
Now I'm roaming the block, car missing the top
Meaning missing a roof, hope you listening y'all
I was dealt a few blows, I felt a few lows
Even shed a few tears, I traveled that road
Went from walking on gravel, now I'm riding on vogues
50M's in the bank, I get me 200, I'm gone
Still so close to the hood, I'm ashamed to say
All the money in the world can't take this pain away
It's just another story at the campfire
Court side seats with the franchise
I think about my niggas doing 25
Shining bright, who am I for you to criticize?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm smoking psychedelics, I hustle like a felon
Hottest record label, but still in all I'm chilling
Not a crack in my voice, this young nigga so poise
First I stack some money, then go to war with them boys
Anybody can get it, hand his man some tissues
Better ring the alarm, cause we bringing them pistols
Heaven singing them songs, speaking on sensitive issues
These emotional niggas, and most of them killas
They moving in silence, but they follow your Twitters
These the games that they play, they study your Instagram pictures
See I live by the code, that the mafia wrote
When he ran his mouth, me I ran the smoke
I'd rather listen, he had the ?
I had to make a way, I had to act commission
Until this day am slanging, the commission remains
Now I'm worth over a billion, I'm ashamed to say

[Hook x2]