Babies Cry Testo

Testo Babies Cry

Lacking stability in life but these hurdles consistent
Father forgive us, pray we not just another statistic
I was blessed with a wonderful sister
Never vulnerable cause she know how these niggas'll kick it
And the mom, nieces and nephews get put in position
Opportunities endless which is based on your potential
I played the music loud, drowning out the baby cries
Had a fan in my window it was 1985
Shoes untied with a snotty nose
I done viewed homicides, but that how it go'
So when I see these niggas cry, tell 'em wipe your eyes
So many shots through the night, you know a nigga died
First you hear the screams, then your hear the sirens
Then the helicopter, a life lost to violence
A life lost to violence

Bitches applaud the hustle , the recipe of a Russel
Three kidnapping charges and definitely will bust you
Balling without a bond, Def Jam's only Lebron
Come and see me for a hit and I shoot it right in your arm
Bitches been known to relapse, indoor pool number three lap
P.O. stopped by to see me, I'm cool, where that weed at?
Smoke one for the deceased, like my partner Lil Reese
Trigger man beat the case we'll deal with that in the streets
Niggas sentenced to death by a sentence in the text
You riding with your dawg, I'm sending them for your necks
My uncle wanna know if I'm still fucking with dope
Lyrics say we livin' like the movie Blow
When niggas cross me, I leave 'em in the past
Now we got so many cars, we just leave 'em on the grass
Fake shit is temporary, dick riding is just a fad
I'm stacking old money, nigga I was built to last
Got me smoking loud, drowning out the baby cries
Reminiscing, getting high, my first time was '95
I'm reminiscing, getting high, my first time was '95