Black Opium Testo

Testo Black Opium

Can I get a rozay (rozay) 2x
Let me get a huh (huh) 2x

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Shooters in the ground with 50 carats
They keep it down
My lifestyle get busy, units is really
Put my bitches on
Get money, stay out the trap
Fuck 'em long, smoke the bong, maybe go get a tat
No illusion, quarter millie for this
Called the deal, I kept it moving
Protect me from these shooters
Stab wounds, they think we having fun
Doing shows, fucking hoes, the (?) still on the run

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I do this for us, stuck on the grind tryna elevate
Ima stand as a man, never above ya
Some niggas choke, Some niggas don't

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Late to class, walk the halls
Say your name, what's your game
Fourth of July, light up the sky
All I do is eat niggas and they call it food
That's my food I assume
You know we in the room
So floated like a balloon, fatal wounds
Boy, nigga shall I say the rules
A lot of goons, cocaine bitches consumed
Still feel the (?)
Dream chasers, you fuck with Meek, you (?)

[Hook: samples]

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
I only take time out for all my bad bitches

Fast chips
Mad rich, it's not for me, I'm careless

8 Mile, (?)
I bring the best out your bitch, she living lavish

[Hook: samples]