Bout That Life Testo

Testo Bout That Life

Featuring Diddy, French Montana & Meek Mill

[Hook: Meek Mill]
These niggas ain't about that life
Ain't bout that life, ain't bout that life (you ain't bout that life)

[Verse 1: French Montana]
That nigga right there, that nigga right there,
Look at that nigga right there
That bitch right there, that bitch right there
Look at that bitch right there
You ain't bout that life, you ain't bout that
Got price tags you ain't bout that
That bitch you love we popped that
That shit talk you ain't bout that
Don't get caught in that traffic
Niggas ain't bout that action
You can keep your chain
My niggas don't want that plastic
Niggas talkin' bout they got mill
Niggas talkin' bout they got wheels
Niggas talkin bout they got skill
He alright, he not real
Got a little flow that's cool with me
Got a little dough that's cool with me
Got a little watch a little jewelry
Them Self Made niggas, Volume 3
That work get through like woo
Shorty got that Ric Flair pussy like woo

[Verse 2: Diddy]
Man these niggas ain't bout that life, naw
And this shit they talkin' I got that twice
Bitch I'm Diddy ho fuck your advice
I said bitch I'm Diddy ho fuck your life
Shut your mouth when you in the presence of kings
I ball like LeBron but I got a couple more rings
I got love for all my hatin' niggas I heard you said some things
You bitch niggas need love to I might take you under my wing

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
God's expensive, jacket
But they know I had crack a nigga
Shots fired dont ask a nigga
Next got killed by a rappin' nigga
I'm Michael Corleone
Scarface nigga got it goin' on
One time for all the feds watchin'
Get inside tips when your money long
Got big, my plan bigger
I'm a die tryna squeeze my damn trigger
Think when you touch that 50 m
Victory white, I got five of them
Pull up on the corner with shinin' rims
Smiling like a nigga when he got a deal
Dying, always on my mind for real
Empire, always want a deal


[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
Who you with? numerous shots from the fo fo
Young nigga in the low low
Jumpin' out the thing with a little bad bitch like yolo
Fuck for this time ain't no true
In the hood where there ain't no hope
Now everybody ridin' in there like soap
Everybody get to rappin' when there ain't no coke
Where the money nigga
Cop 44 where I live at
Probably get the whole load if you get it back
Fish scale when snapped rented rack
Little nigga you ain't stuntin' give that rental back, oh
I like fast cars, fast broads
And my last car was like a Nascar it go vroom, vroom
Then skrr, skrr before I blast off
She go up and down like NASA
Bike life on your bitch nigga
Pop a wheelie all in that pussy she switchin' gears on this dick nigga
Still young represent rich, yellow diamonds like piss nigga
Stones they glistening