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Testo Homey N Hoes

Hey you want me to mack you
Well, check this out baby
You was flying commercial when I met you baby
Yeah, bitch didn’t even had a passport
But check this out
It’s ricky ross, maybach music
And I wanna do something different today baby
I wanna know what qualify you to fuck with a nigga like myself
Why should you ride in that spaceship with a boss
Talk to me
Well check this out baby
This is cash money, maybach music
You gotta admit you’re dime… true
I need to explore your mind baby, what’s really cracking lately
I’m in the multiplication baby
You might eat taco bell before midnight
It’s time to fuck with that prime 112 baby
Fuck with a hunned dollar salad
Tell me something good baby, talk to me
When you gonna put my album out?
What you mean your album?
I mean when you gonn make me a star
Check this out baby
You know you ain’t focused on what you sposed to be
Focused there
You really, you worried about your album, and your publishin
And, when I signed you baby
I signed you for who you are
I didn’t signed you for your publishing
And take advantage of your budgets
Well baby I need checks
Checks will soon come baby, just not right now
It’s all about triller
Cmb, birdman, ricky ross
Baby keep your eyes on the prize
It’s not a sunroof, I apologize
It’s convertible
My life is astronomical,
I’m not an astronaut baby
I just get high in the day
I need a car wash and a wax
These are simply facts, that I’m stating
The money and the making got me elevated
Elevators on my home, hoe I got it going on
On the g to the cold, bitch hit the dome
It’s 5 after
Am I what you desire baby?
Not hardly, cause what you driving
And what you eating, don’t make me shit baby
You been watching too much tv baby
I’m just tryina get your pussy wet baby
All you gotta do to satisfy a real nigga
Is smile and keep your hair done, baby
You see it’s triple c, cmb,
And for all you hoes out there that need motivation
You fucking with entrepreneurs right now
Go buy yourself a pair of birdman loaks
Buy that triller, buy that cmb catalogue baby
We been getting money a long way over there
I just wanna do some pimp shit
And fin to get records to the h presentation
And excuse me, I am high
Like I said baby this is a dealership, but we don't deal cars
No Hondas over here, hoe, you gotta understand
You gotta preorder these baby,
A piano come with these, CMB, Triple C