I Love My Bitches Testo

Testo I Love My Bitches

[Verse 1:]
A month ago, I gave a chick a hundred stacks
Straight to Neiman Marcus, young bitch had a heart attack
Ohhh man, I love my bitches
Bottles, Beamers, brand New Benz's
Barbies, ballerina's and Britney's
Barbra Streisand edition Bentleys
Bricks, big face hundreds in bundles
Boy, I'm a boss, I rose from the jungles
God forgives and these killers won't
In a room full of heathens, good niggas die alone
Better start taking notes as I'm taking tokes
The hood wanna see you die and they taking votes
My vision always mentioned coke
My women never sit in coach
Ohh man, I love my bitches
Tongue kissin' a dark skinneded vixen
50, 60 racks, I might go blow a 100 though
Jet owner, G5, where you wanna go?
Fuck your ex's baby, really, that's your past?
Load up your carry-on's and all of this is cash

[Hook: x2]
Ohh man, I love my bitches
Ohh man, I love my bitches
Ohh man, I love my bitches
East coast to West coast, all my bitches

Tryna' bring you into my world, baby
Just stand there, You the canvas, I'm a paint the picture
You never met another nigga, you know, fuck it, take it

[Verse 2:]
Am I really just a narcissist
Cause I wake up to a bowl of Lobster bisque?
And I wake up on some mobbin' shit
With a great view and half my niggas swappin' bricks
It's just a way of life
For the king of diamonds, so I gotta stay the night
50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings
Started in a neighborhood and now we on to bigger things
Large clique of my constituents
Combination to the safe, straight to the Benjamins
Living life to the fullest was the emphasis
Making love to Mary J's "Reminisce"


[Verse 3:]
It was all good just a week ago
Paper tag on the Panamera, my speakers blow
My bitch sittin' cute, she left her panties home
Suckin' the dick of the don, I'm talking Miami's own
Money like (LeBron James), money like (Dwyane Wade)
(Play it right) peelin' two off the dealership in the same day
(Say it right) paid like Mark Clayton, Mark Duper
Soon as nigga's start hatin', start shootin'
Come along, money longer than Olajuwan's
Lotta one's, all the bitches yeah the model one's
Tongue pierced, dick sucked, yeah the swallow ons
50 million, I'm the only one that got it done