So Unexpected Testo

Testo So Unexpected

Verse 1:

I wanna go and turn out all the lights,
So I can barely see your pretty eyes,
my hands collide with your thighs.

I bet you never thought id kiss like this,
your heavy breathing makes it so hard to resist,
lets go, leave this party for show.

well lets take life,
by the reigns and give this thing a ride,
we can go as fast or slow as you want it,
i wont let you down,
i need you like a sad face needs a frown,
id rather die,
then spend this night,
here without you.

Verse 2:

back to your house and we've got to sneak in
hope no one knows or hears what we're doin
just take my hand and pull me in

i never thought itd end like this
theres not a part of you that i havent kissed
i love the face you make when you bite your lips


I just want you to be happy,
even if that means hurting myself to for you,
I just want you to be happy,
even if that means breaking myself for you