I've Been Meaning To Call Testo

Testo I've Been Meaning To Call

Early to rise, early to bed
That moment I arisen I shaved my head
Doing so that morning began with a grin
I left behind my old feebled skin

It was middle of May, the seasons were bending
I in with the seasons could predict no ending
Lived in the moment, being as it were
That moment surrendered and led me to her
Exchanging glances, our eyes by a thread
I tucked her right over by a tilt in my head
I followed her blind to an old record store
While one of her friends found a way through the door

In the dark we played records with everyone high
I held her hands when the police drove by
She asked me about home, if I missed it at all
I thought mama, oh, mom I've been meaning to call

The band went home, I stayed behind
I took the Muskegon ferry from the Milwaukee line
Arrived at her door to clutch all her heartstrings
We're driving up North to forget everything

I followed her to beaches, we slept on the dunes
I still see her eyes lit by fragments of moons
Not crescent nor full, inside of the storm
She'd dive and resurface each time changing form
But time kept insisting we both sink like rocks
Time out of water resumed on the clocks
She slept while the second hand spun on the wall
I thought mama, oh, mom I've been meaning to call

I didn't want to lose her, I bought two tickets home
We left Copper Harbor scared to be alone
Standing there watching our feet off the plane
Each step she took further, I was less the same

I was running from whoever I was at the time
I went running right into the middle of a crime
I was calling in the quicksand just to get above the grime
Just to come up for some air, I was climbing to climb

And I didn't mean to hurt you when I turned on a dime
And just within a day you were well on your way

And I went to the river where all sinners meet
Watched the animals run from headlights in the street
I thought I'm like all the rest, I just wanna be impressed
You've gotta be above someone to watch 'em fall

Emily, I've been meaning
Emily, I've been meaning
Emily, I've been meaning to call