One By One Testo

Testo One By One

I loved a girl once and she was very young, every day I wondered what I could have done. Now sh's sitting somewhere where the walls are all white, losing herself underneath those fluorescent lights. Each day goes by where the world looks the same, where the seasons come and change but I find myself the way I came. And I lost all the things that I loved in you, from losing myself in each other like we used to do. But time moves on and those moments that I held in my heart each day, Have now disappeared.

Like a flower dancing by the side of the wind, like a tree growing thin, I had nothing to believe in. Now the wind blows trough me on the side of the road, like a freight train howling in the belly of my soul. How the ocean's nestled in a blanket of stars, dreaming by the street lights, dreaming by a freeway of cars.

While the mountains stare at the face of the sun, the sky smiles down on everyone. We all wonder what we could have done, we end up passing, one by one.

Time moves on and those moments that I jeld in my heart each day, have now disappeared.