Pilgrims Testo

Testo Pilgrims

There's blood on the streets and there's blood on my bed,
There's blood in the T-ducts that won't bleed out of my head,
There's a time I keep thinking of,
But I don't remember when

And you keep on singing our old country song,
And it sounds real pretty but you're singing it wrong,
There's a time I keep thinking 'bout,
When I used to belong
[Incomprehensible Chorus]

And you came with the street with your head buried in,
To the darkness where you've been from your feet up to your chin,
And your eyes ask me questions like
Do I remember when

But all I thought of were the shadows that were cast by the sun
How they always were beside me when I thought you were the one
And I could never ever lose them,
Even if I tried to run

[Incomprehensible Chorus]