Praying For An Angel Testo

Testo Praying For An Angel

Chorus: I've been praying for an angel To come down from the skies above I've been praying for an angel To come and fill my world with love Everytime that I fall in love I'm so afraid that love will never last 'Cause I've been hurt many times before And I don't wanna relive the past I suffered so much pain inside Reaching out to love that will never be mine Now it's time to break these chains I feel And share a love that's real Chorus There's so much love that I want to give I know that holding back is wrong to do Now I walk with faith to carry on 'Till I find someone that's true The old is gone and the new has come My love I know has finally begun I face the fact that I must be strong To wait for the right one to come along Chorus I fall down on my knees And ask for love that will never end Love that will never end I've been praying for an angel So I won't be the same again Repeat (1x)