Lockdown Testo

Testo Lockdown

Break out!
It's time for a shake down
Stake out,
Watch the doors and we'll sneak out

And I'll still be here sober,
When this is over
It's just like I told her,
"You wait till you're older"
Almost feels like you're dying
On those words that we're spoke

And I'm almost through
With everything
That I once thought was true
And all that pulls us through
Has faded into shades
Faded into shades, of you...

Mistakes that I have been
Are nothing like the pain, I have seen
Let's leave it all behind
Escape into the light
And give it one more try, one more try
And give it one more try, one more try

Burn it down and let it smelter,
Break it down and watch it crumble
Tear it down, ya we'll destroy you,
Everything has been untrue

Tell me!
One day this will be
Something that I'll believe,
Alone to find my peace

Shout loud!
Bolt the doors, it's a lockdown

Hush now,
All these moments we've missed out

Tell me something I don't know,
Show a safe place I can go
I need you now more than you know,
Let's leave this now
Just go, go, go..

We'll roll
We'll go!
We'll roll

Trade it all for separation
Is this what's left for our nation?
Tell me lies, tell the truth,
Give me hope but have no proof

There's nothing left to long for,
I'm happy in my loneliness
I'm broken by your ways,
I'm erasing every phase

Go find yourself a quiet place,
Safe when you're away
No nothing here could make me stay,
No nothing here could make me stay

I'm only free,
When I'm unknown