Jaded Testo

Testo Jaded

When all I've got left to give is up, and there's nowhere left to go but down,
When my motivations all but gone what's left to do?
When sleepless nights seem to suffice, insomnia's just a small sacrifice,
Cuz staring at the ceiling ain't all that bad,
And after all, you're the best worst time I ever had.

Are you out there? It doesn't feel like it anymore,
It's just another minute and another misstep as another bottle hits the floor,
I've been feeling this way, for far too long,
But at the end of the day I've got so much to say that it always seems to come out wrong,
And I threw it all away, truth is I was scared of another day,
In this dead end town but is it better this way not having me around?
Because I've seen the decay, of those who chose to stay,
But who's to say I won't turn out that way cuz really I'm just the same.

I'm a has-been that's never been,
A stupid kid that followed a dream that led him to nowhere,
And the real world is hitting way too fast,
And I'm struggling to make my youth last.

Living week to week, fading day by day,
And the older I get the more I forget how to escape the nine to five,
I've got a lot to offer, but none to give,
I've got no dollars or sense or a future present but I still know how to live.